Greet One Another

(Note, if there’s someone you need to (or can) reach out to encourage them, I humbly plead that you stop reading and do that and if you still think you wish to read my ramblings, come back. That is what this post is about.) Today was a very special day for seven of us pastors […]

The Savior’s Saving Sayings

  On Good Friday, I had posted on  the seven sayings of Jesus on the cross which I had actually written in 2013.. Here is a very similar one that I wrote during this season–I don’t know how different they are–may be the reader can tell. Meditating on the seven sayings of the cross can be a […]

Community Project

My family was heartsick last Sunday after meeting a young man by name Amjad Zakaria Khan. After church we decided to lunch out and then drove to check out the Corner House joint in Richards own, which we had not tried before. After dropping my family off by the joint, I drove further to find […]

Whom Do I Have…?

This is a profound question from someone working his way through priorities in life. Asaph was the Worship Leader of David’s time. He was responsible to write, compose, and organize the worship songs and presentations for the temple worship. After the many years of helping people focus their worship on the Lord God he encountered […]

Reverse Thinking

  Because the Bible is God’s word from above, it present values and aternatives that are contrary to the popularly accepted values and lifestyle the world offers. Followers of Bible are to constantly review whether their values and choices match with God’s or world’s. Below are a list of Bible verses placed under various categories […]

Time to Move On

  Deuteronomy 1 There is no more important question during a transition than to ask: “Lord, What Next?” As a Christian, being born again out of the Syrian Orthodox background, one thing had become clear very early on in my personal walk with Jesus my Lord: I want to live the rest of my life serving […]