God Makes Disabilities too

It is God’s sovereign-good choice to have given our family a child with disability. I had never read Exodus 4:10-17 with this insight. In this passage we have this interesting dialogue between God and Moses. Moses is being commissioned to go back to Egypt so God can use him to bring the Israelites out of […]

Continuous Praise-It works

Tuesday last, God’s invitation came strong once again during the time with His Word to keep on praising him during the day: “I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth” (Psalm 34:1ff). This, of course, is what all God’s people must do all the time. We must […]

Till Death Do Us Part?

This Post is for those who are married and the want-to-be-married. Today, a young man close to my heart will be “united together in holy matrimony” with his beloved he found at his office five year ago. And what a wait it has been for them. I will be preaching at the wedding today, God […]

With End in View

In a recent post I mentioned about my habit of reading the last chapter of the book first. I started on anther book today and without being conscious of it, that is exactly what I did. Then I remembered! 🙂 The habit itself started when we were kids. As soon as our parents got the weekly […]

Send: The Weak Link in Missions

I remember preaching on this topic at Bethel Baptist Church, long time ago. That talk was the result of being convicted by the last chapter in a book titled Vital Missions Issues (ed. Roy B Zuck). In that chapter, titled “Go Missions” the author Ronald Blue’s main thesis is not really “Go Missions” but “Send Missions!” […]

Christology to Christozoe

This evening I finished teaching a seminary course on Christology (Study of Christ’s Person & Work) at Asian Christian Academy‘s Extension program in Bangalore. Six lecture hours x Seven Saturdays! After forty-two hours of teaching, I feel like I have not scratched the surface of perhaps the richest topic in all of the Bible. Over […]