God Makes Disabilities too

It is God’s sovereign-good choice to have given our family a child with disability. I had never read Exodus 4:10-17 with this insight. In this passage we have this interesting dialogue between God and Moses. Moses is being commissioned to go back to Egypt so God can use him to bring the Israelites out of Egypt. It seems that Moses have not heard the adage: “With the commissioning comes enabling!” So, he goes on a protest to God’s wisdom in choosing him despite his stammering tongue. (Surely, it’s with his eloquent speech he’s going to get the tough Pharaoh to let God’s people go!)

God promises to help him overcome his disability (stammering) and provide the very words he should speak (a promise Jesus gave to his disciples as well, Luke 12:12). Not good enough! He gets stubborn with God: “Oh, my Lord, please send someone else” (Exod 4:13). Did the expression ‘beating around the bush’ come from this story?

That God would even entertain such discussions with frail humans itself is an amazing thought. He is so patient with His people. The Lord accommodates! Allows Aaron, his brother to be the interpreter. Is it a help or a snare—remember the golden calf (Ex 32)?

Sometimes, we loose sight of the big picture. We tend to doubt God’s wisdom—He’s not pragmatic enough, we say. We can also resist His choices, which don’t appeal to us as favorable to us. But He knows best, isn’t it?

So, we have Shaphan, who is one many constant reminders of God’s sovereignly good purposes in our family. We are reminded that God is not only sovereign over his choices, but so good to us. He is the one who makes each one of us with the physical and mental abilities or disabilities. In the choices God makes, he also uses our disabilities to demonstrate his power and wisdom. Could Moses tell stories about it!

Someday you may go through a life situation where you might doubt God’s goodness or wisdom in his choices. Let God remind you by asking: “Is it not I, the LORD who made…?” (Exod 3:11)


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